Starting A Whole New Blog!

Hey Everyone!

So I’m going to be starting a whole new blog for 2017 to document all the things me and my camera (Nikon D810) “Monstro” get into. I tend to photograph fashion, editorials, metal shows, and interesting events. At the moment I’m playing gypsy in the Bay Area (being from Sacramento).  My camera and I have seen a lot of crazy shit… and I plan to see a whole lot more.

A Few Past Shenanigans:

Aftershock 2013

Aftershock 2014

SACFW 2016

Queer Fashion Week 2016

FurCon 2016

ALIST “Passport Around The World” NYE Party 2016/17

Folsom Street Fair 2015

A Few Bands I’ve Photographed:


Hippo Campus



Cattle Decapitation

Veil of Maya




Heat of Damage

Sworn In


Born of Osiris

Bad Omens

Nothing More

After The Burial

Five Finger Death Punch

Rise Against

Theory of a Deadman


Limp Bizkit

Memphis May Fire

Silent Pilot



Hands Like Houses

A Few Blips From My Photographer/Journalist Life:

I’ve been commissioned to shoot a private porno in exchange for an art shoot.

I’ve partied with furries in the Klingon room; woke up in the Burning Man room.

I stopped Violet Chachki on Folsom Street for some impromptu butt shots.

Ate Chik-Fil-A for the first time with porn star Ash Hollywood after our shoot.

Trashed a penthouse suite at the Westin in San Francisco doing a photo shoot for my birthday.

Took Your Demise to my editor’s neighbor’s house to party; talked about midget porn.

Interviewed Chris Kale from FFDP; told him about the time my Iron Maiden shirt got me out of  an arrest.

Got hit with a bra while shooting Theory of a Deadman; ended up taking tequila shots on their tour bus.

I loved co-hosting with April Pirl Potter from Megatude Media at Aftershock! Also, big thanks to Jason Coldiron for giving my crazy-ass a chance to start my career as a music journalist. Another big thank you to my cousin Mike Sherrill for believing in me and hooking me up (especially when my laptop fizzled out).

Let’s shoot!

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