(MFKN) Story-Time: “He Fucked My Foot”

I stumbled upon this chicka’s modelmayhem account when I was looking for bay area models to work with. I’ve never had a chance to photograph such an alternative model, which was as awesome as I had hoped. It seems as if I’m not the ONLY one with a few crazy stories to tell. We were shooting for hours and just took a break to chill out; some crazy conversation ensued. We’re in the middle of swapping stories and she tells me that this guy had fucked her foot.


“This guy fucked my foot.”


And so began Oodie’s story of how this guy…. fucked her foot.

I had been out to brunch with my lady friends. They all decided to go home, but I wanted to stay out. I ended up at one of my favorite dives. I hadn’t been there in months.  I look across the bar and see the bouncer I had had a crush on for over 4 years waving at me; gesturing for me to come over to him.

Over the course of 4 years I had bluntly expressed my attraction to him; but also that I wouldn’t do anything with him since he had a girlfriend. He still graciously would accept my compliments (“you’re a beautiful specimen of a man; oh the things I would do to you.” etc.) He never made me feel bad about my lusting.

On this particular day we lamented about how we hadn’t seen eachother in a while. I asked if he still had a girlfriend; he responded by asking if he could buy me a drink.  As any woman would, I took that lack of acknowledgement of the word “girlfriend” to mean he didn’t have one anymore.

I stayed and talked to him for hours that night.  After the bar closed we madeout in front like a couple of 21 year old rookies.

He gave me his number and told me to call him the next day.

On the next day he summoned me to his house where we continued our intense makeout session.  He was just as hot and wild as I had been fantasizing about for the previous 4 years.  Neither of us were prepared for the level we wanted to take it to, i.e. neither of us had condoms. So we decided to be responsible adults and not have sex.

He had other plans though.  Turns out he has a HUGE RAGING foot fetish. I hate feet, but I had been lusting after him for so long that I decided to just go with it.  I let him fuck my feet.

Yes, it is just like they tell you on HBO’s Real Sex.

After he came on my leg and cleaned me up, he said I couldn’t stay over.  I asked why.

Because his girlfriend was coming home in the morning

I was so upset and blindsided by this information. He’s known for the last 4 years my stance on interfering with his relationship.

Luckily, my friends across town were having a house party.  I called them up and asked if it was still going on. Sure enough; I cabbed over, opened the door to find all my friends buck ass naked.  I dropped trou, grabbed as much vodka as I could muster and hopped in the hot tub with the 15 other naked hot tubbers.  Most of them I knew, so it wasn’t weird. There was a couple who I didn’t know sitting right next to me. Dude looks at me, stands up and his lady friend proceeds to give him the most violent blowjob I’ve ever seen. It looked like she was headbanging into his crotch. Which, if you think about it, she really was head-banging. heh. Dude still kept looking at me, he reached his hand over. I had the feeling he was going to try to get me to join in. So I just high fived him and got out.

And… there you have it. the guy who fucked her foot.

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