(MFKN) B-SIDES & RARITIES: Punk’s Not Dead!

On this night I was invited to shoot a punk show in San Francisco’s Elbo Room by a friend of mine. I THOUGHT that I had seen some crazy sh*t before but…

Punk is commuting from San Jose to San Francisco straight from work in your Best Buy uniform, just to scream in a mic while writhing on the floor.

Punk is having your mic cut out mid-show, but saying “fuck it” and you keep on playing.

Punk is throwing someone’s drink while dancing with them, stepping on the broken glass, and running around in the nude while flinging cake everywhere.

The one thing punk is NOT… is “dead”.

This has to have been one of the more wilder shows I’ve seen/photographed.

Special thanks to Sierra for inviting me 🙂










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