Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA since Warped Tour, but I have some awesome news! I’m starting my own MFKNZINE, which is online now at MFKNZINE.COM !!! Ozzfest/Knotfest didn’t FULLY kick my ass… but GWAR and Cattle Decapitation finished the job (lol) so I’ve been taking it easy (sort of).

So basically, MFKNZINE is what I wanted my blog to be, but more enhanced. I’ll still be using my personal blog on here to give photography tips, model tips, and weirdo photog stories. However, if you’re looking for more in-depth craziness, you should definitely check out the new Zine! The zine is also accepting art submissions (all kinds, as long as it’s horrifically awesome, disturbing, bloody, alternative, creepy/cute… you get the picture. Email us at mfknzine@gmail.com if you’d like to submit OR WRITE FOR US! 

ALSO! MFKNMEDIA is now seeking photograhers to cover metal shows! I can’t be everywhere at once (no matter how hard I try; maybe if I owned a jet?), so I’m seeking awesome and motivated people with a great eye, and a love for metal. If you’re interested in joining the MFKN TEAM email me at mfknmedia@gmail.com and send a link to your online portfolio. Currently looking to expand across the U.S., starting in CA and working my way outward.

Another thing! MFKNMEDIA x MFKNZINE is having a giveaway of some exclusive merch! Yeah, cool right? Stay tuned for that coming up soon by following @MFKNMEDIA and @MFKNZINE on IG!


More things are coming… but… it’s a secret 😉 keep in touch and find out!





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