It started as one rain drop… that turned into a flood of messages, screenshots, comments, and re-shares. This is how I uncovered an active serial rapist in my own hometown.




SACPD is involved.





INSTAGRAM: @businessbot

OTHER IG: @Eliadams2

TWITTER: @eliadamsphoto

FACEBOOK: Marco Malek


FB PAGE: Marco Malek Imagery

FB GROUP HE OWNS: Sac Models, Photographers and MUAH Network


PATREON: Marco Malek

TUMBLR: Buinessbot






Sacramento, CA (lives in Roseville) *SAID HE LIVED IN RANCHO CORDOVA AT LEAST ONCE*


Los Angeles, CA *WAS IN LA IN 2013*

Las Vegas, NV



How this all started…

A few nights ago a friend and I linked up for the first time in a while. Something was in the air that day because we just started getting real from the jump. We started talking about abusive exes, our PTSD nightmares, and all around fucked up shit. Then she tells me about the time she was raped by a photographer in Sacramento. Of course my hairs are standing on end as she’s telling me this fucked up story because… that’s my town… that’s my scene… I’ve probably bumped into him, he might be a friend of mine. She finally tells me his name… Marco Malek. It sounds familiar, but def not someone close to me. I feel like it took a lot out of her to even tell me this story and we’re longtime friends. She’s only told a handful of people… I couldn’t believe it.

So, as soon as I get home I tear into my laptop bag and look him up. I’ve TALKED to this guy on Facebook. Reading the messages back now… I felt sick. He kept trying to meet up with me… but would suggest that I would take advantage of his body (the nerve). I never did meet up with him; I didn’t get good vibes from him, turns out I was never more right to keep my distance. This was back in 2013-2015. Looking back at these now… I feel like I dodged a bullet.



I asked her permission to post a “no-names” post and had instructed people to DM me for the name. It had gotten to the point where people were FINISHING my sentence for me… I was blown away. People named him before I could even tell them. “Was it Marco?” “Is it Marco Malek?” Then I had gotten a message from a girl who had warned me about him last year; it was her FIRST message to me. I couldn’t handle it. Then, came the models who told me about his “aggressive behavior” trying to “make them drink”. This one story… just read the screenshots.





The first message she sent me….






THEN came the other rape survivors. He had raped at least two more girls on my Facebook. I was floored. The last rape I had heard of (from the victim herself) was on Christmas Eve 2017. My friend had thought she was alone, felt ashamed of herself, blamed herself, and this guy was a serial rapist. It was then that I realized I was no longer just fighting for my friend, I was fighting for a lot of women who’ve been sexually assaulted and harassed by this guy and felt too ashamed to speak.






I then changed the post to include his name to find more people he’s harassed and assaulted… didn’t take long. I was bombarded with messages from people all over the place. People were coming forward in private messages.



Another girl came forward BEFORE I COULD EVEN FINISH WRITING THIS POST…. (I fucking can’t)



I’ve blocked everyone’s name but my own and HIS. I’m still currently collecting stories from rape victims and models who were harassed/assaulted by this creep. We want this guy in jail.

If you have your own horrific story, screenshots of your conversations with him (before and after your encounter with him), please send them to  

THE OBJECTIVE: Make the survivors feel more comfortable with coming forward and to have them file reports to the police. He needs to be IN JAIL.

If you wish to remain anonymous please say so. We need people to come forward, but we’ll take what screenshots you have (and block your name if you choose).


Below are the screenshots that just keep coming… I’m going to keep adding as people keep coming forward. You are NOT ALONE. Take your story to the police!













Scroll back up for the info…



  1. I don’t think the police will do anything about this. As a rape survivor myself and my own sister who is also a rape survivor, our stories were merely swept under the rug, a tiny investigation ensued and the rapists in my sisters case were given community service….In my case, nothing. Fuck the police, in my opinion you outing this dude and exposing him to those who don’t know him..this is justice. Make sure he can never show his face/speak his name again. He shouldn’t be allowed to walk around doing the same shit when these poor women are haunted every day. It sickens me.I applaud you and your efforts, I wish I would have done this.


    1. Yes, similar feelings here! The cases get dropped more often then not and the victims get treated like crap. Survivor and know of others w similar stories.


    2. If a large amount of survivors come out opposed to just one or two, then the police have much more incentive to pursue.


  2. Since there is no mention of police reporting in the article, and the fact that many assault victims don’t come forward. The “duh”, is a bit inappropriate, don’t you think?


    1. No not really. I’ve been bombarded with msgs for the last 3 days and I have …fuck like 10 new messages already from people he’s worked with. And some were under age at the time. Also, I had mentioned going to the police SEVERAL times; even mentioned it as THE OBJECTIVE. SO… duh… I’m talking to them about going to the police because I want this monster in jail where he belongs. Him being out in public is NOT an option.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sri I’m so thankful for people like you who aren’t afraid to use their voice! I’m a rape survivor of some guy I used to know and damn it’s a shitty place to be and it’s horrible to feel this way. Thank you for using your voice and investigating to get this guy to stop! You’ve always been that person who fights for justice, just like you did for me in the 8th grade. I hope justice is served and that this piece of shit goes to jail!


  4. Call the police, or better yet I know a Sherriff that would love to help you track him down. PM me and I will get you a direct number.


  5. But there’s no proof. You just have multiple people saying he did it. All he has to say is “not me/wasn’t there/ i dont even know them” and he’s scot free. Letting people know he’s a piece of shit that does this is one thing, but getting a persons hopes up like he’s actually going to get in trouble is foolish.

    The sad reality is all He has to do is move and he can continue being the monster he is


    1. You… don’t know how the justice system works huh? There may not be physical evidence, but look up “circumstantial evidence” and then comment back to me.


      1. if what you want to do is waste peoples time and get their hopes up, more power to you. Or have we forgotten Brock Turner; caught in the act, given 3 months, is back on the streets like nothing ever happened. Hell Bill Cosby got off and they’re trying to retry him and you know at least ONE of those people aren’t lying.
        Now if there’s concrete evidence of one rape, I see how all the other stories would help get him a “longer” conviction, but without proof getting the police to even feel like getting a warrant for his arrest let alone actually arrest him is highly improbable.

        I am not defending this monster or his actions in the least bit. I personally feel paying someone to kill him is a better path to take in the first place. But as a victim myself, I know how this bullshit goes.


  6. I used to be best friends with this filth years ago(7ish). Crossing boundaries is in his nature. He feels like he deserves it, especially if he can push a person enough to let him have it. He saw an uprising in nude female models years ago and saw his opportunity. Can’t believe this is still happening. I honestly shouldn’t be surprised. I’m sorry to any victims of this pos..



    Just so you know a lot of these victims are still within the statue of limitations, or if the crime was committed after Jan 1, 2017 there is NO LIMIT on statue of limitations for them to come forward.


  8. How long ago was this article posted?

    I have known Marco for many many years; he dated one of my best friends when we were younger. This was before his photography days but I contacted her with the article and she said she doesn’t doubt it one bit because he was always very aggressive with her. I remember him being very controlling and even stalkerish after the break up, but this all makes me feel sick to my stomach. Just curious if this is a recent article or if more has happened since the time it was posted.


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